How to Use Energy to Ground Yourself

You are made up of energy so it’s a misconception that there can ever be a shortage of energy within you. It’s not that you’re depleted of your energy at the end of a long and stressful day, it’s that you’re mentally, emotionally, or physically tired. Your tank doesn’t run dry, so to speak. How you utilize your energy is what will have an effect on your mindset, emotions, and physical body. Energy is always moving, shifting, and transforming based on the intentions you have, the beliefs that drive your actions, the environment you find yourself in, and what you choose to focus on.

So, how do you get to know your own energy and use it to ground, heal, or transform you? The ancient teachings of many cultures and societies would have you begin with the foundational building blocks of working with the four major elements:

You’re familiar with these elements in your external environment and everyday life experience, and they also exist on an energetic level within you. Each of these elements is what the universe is made up of, in the form of their own individuated energies and expressions.
In many energy healing programs and therapies available today, connecting with the elements on both the physical and metaphysical planes is taught first, as they are the building blocks for understanding your own energetic makeup. Learning to master working with the energy of the elements within yourself enables you to have greater levels of awareness and control of yourself and how you navigate life’s ups and downs.


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