10 Explanations You Need To Know About Earthing And Grounding Sheets!


Earthing, also known as grounding, nowadays is a very trendy topic. Also, many people reported the incredible benefits of earthing or grounding. On the other hand, there are scientific researchers approved the positive results. Grounding and Earthing are getting more and more popular.


Are you trying to have a good night’s sleep? Still, you are not able to sleep well? Don’t worry; we have the right solution for you. The best grounding sheet can help your body to relax while you are sleeping.


Earthing or grounding helps the body connect with earth for balancing the positive charge of our body.

Do you know what the fact is? We have been using the power of earthing by standing on ground barefoot from time immemorial. Now because of earthing products, such as earthing sheets, grounding mats and other earthing products, the topic of grounding has started getting huge attention nowadays. Let’s find out the hidden facts about earthing and grounding below.


  1. What Causes Insomnia And Illness?

Several facts cause insomnia. Many studies have proven that mental (or physical) hyperarousal causes insomnia that stands in the way of staying asleep or falling asleep. Out of many reasons for insomnia, listed below are few;

  • Acute Stress:

It can vary from minor things such as personal or work stress to extreme changes like job loss, divorce, or death.

  • Some Sleep Issues:

Some sleep problems can trigger insomnia. Even these sleep disorders can make sleeping a big issue for you. For example, people with difficult sleep apnea or restless legs ailment may make it hard for them to fall asleep or stay asleep.

  • Mental Sickness:

Depression is the leading cause of mental disorders in the worldwide. Depression is also a frequent reason for insomnia. Those who are in depression often face trouble with staying asleep or falling asleep. For people who have anxiety disorders, depression can be expected. You can face a sleeping problem if you have any mood disorder like bipolar disorder.

  • Medical Illnesses:

Some studies found that many physical illnesses can also trigger insomnia. Those who experience limited mobility, discomfort, or even medical diseases may have difficulty staying asleep or even falling asleep.

  • Abuse Or Use Of Medication:

Often side effects of many OTC medications or prescriptions can cause insomnia. Medicines of allergy and common cold contain pseudoephedrine that makes it hard for you to sleep. Drugs and antidepressants for treating ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, or high BP can cause insomnia too. Many of us drink alcohol before the bedtime. It can result in frequent awakening at night. Also, if you stop taking a pill for sleeping suddenly, it can cause insomnia. Caffeine and some other tonic can be a hindrance to your sleep.

  • Lifestyle Or Habit:

If you do not sleep promptly or have an irregular sleep schedule, it can trigger insomnia. It is mainly seen in the shift workers who try their best to sleep in the daytime instead of at night.

  • Some Environmental Causes:

Some disruptive facts, such as extreme temperatures, light, or noise, can impede your sleep. If you sleep with someone who snores a lot can also trigger disruption in your sleep. Long vulnerability to environmental chemicals and toxins can stop you from enjoying a sound sleep at night.


  1. What Is The Science Behind A Grounding Mat?

When you work, sleep or sit, you can easily earth yourself if you are attached to the conductive system. This conductive system transfers energy/power from ground to your body. Thus, this unique system is called grounding or earthing systems. The best earthing sheets are cotton woven and made of silver thread that is bacteria-free and anti-odor. It heals, restores, and also maintains your body naturally and safely. It keeps your body in a balanced electrical state that, in turn, stimulates optimum functionality in your day-to-day life.


  1. Why Should We Be Grounded?

In our modern time, we are not in connection to nature for most time. We are now dependent on our phones. We are now moving to the big cities. And, we spend most of our day-to-day time on mainstream amusement. We don’t walk barefoot anymore! Regrettably, we now don’t know the importance of grounding to the earth so that we can gain optimal health and wellbeing.


To help us connect to the earth easier, there are grounding mats available. By sleeping or sitting with bare skin on the earthing mat will help you feel better. You can sleep better. You can get rid of the inflammatory issues. Also, you can gain more energy.


Because of wearing shoes all the time, we are no longer in touch with the earth, and thus, we are not getting healing energy from the earth. For these reasons, we should be grounded with the help of a grounding or earthing mat.


  1. Earthing Or Grounding – What Are The Key Benefits?

Earthing or grounding has several benefits. Its extraordinary effect on your mental and physical health can be beneficial. Keep reading and discover the top 5 benefits of earthing or grounding.

  • Neutralizing Free Radicals:

The cells of our body are created from atoms. Our body cells include negative and positive charges. These two charges depending on how many negative electrons or positive protons they carry.

We have a lot of healthy atoms that possess negative charges because they have more electrons. However, when they contain electrons that are stolen out of them, they turn into free radicals. These free radicals are very reactive and harmful to the human body.

  • Best For Boosting Your Mood:

Recently, scientists conducted a study. They found that a grounding therapy of just one hour improved the mood of the participants significantly. While earthing, cortisol level in the body starts to normalize.

We all know cortisol as a hormone responsible for stress. Cortisol hormone is connected to our body’s response to stress. It controls the levels of blood sugar, regulates our metabolic system, and much more.

  • Helps To Improve Immunity And Inflammation:

As it helps stimulate the levels of cortisol, earthing affects the immune system and inflammatory response positively. It is because, in our body, higher cortisol triggers systemic inflammation.

The earth’s negative electrons also fight the free radicals that are produced by the inflammatory issues. These inflammatory issues respond to injury, trauma, stress, or infection.

  • Helps You Enjoy A Peaceful Sleep:

We know that earthing normalizes the cortisol in our bodies. As a result, it allows us to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

 Our nervous system also works as the body’s electrical system and stimulates activities, for example, sleep. The earth’s negative electrons calm down our nervous system and shift our nervous system to “rest & digest” mood from “flight or fight” mood.

  • Decreases Pain:

Earthing clams the immune response of our body and neutralizes the free radicals. At the same time, it is essential for reducing and managing pain. It can improve the circulation and flow of blood.

It aids in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. Also, it boosts the process of healing. Last but not least, it aids you in breathing easily.


  1. What Are The Earthing Sheets?

The earthing sheets out there are the bedding sheets designed especially using a conductive silver material woven across them. For grounding your body, the conductive silver material is used.


You will find a tab upon the sheets that connect to the wire. You can plug that plug into the port of earthing port on the standard outlet seen in the households. These earthing sheets have proven that most of the chronic disorders faced by most people are due to our bodies’ inflammatory response.

For understanding the function of the earthing sheets, you can look at the raised beds and find how these beds fight against chronic and inflammatory diseases.


  1. How To Use The Grounding Sheets?

It is simple to use the best grounding sheets. Before you use it, ensure that your naked skin is in contact with earthing sheet. Based on your preference, you can buy a fitted shit, half sheet, or flat sheet. It is not necessary to buy all these sheets. Just get a grounding sheet that is connected to the grounding wire.


Don’t forget to test out your current outlet, whether it is grounding or not.


If you want to make an earthing sheet on your own is also possible. But it is not suggested. Particularly for those who are a newbie to earthing. It is a complex and conceivably dangerous process if you cannot construct it properly. Also, you cannot ensure that you will get the best health benefits from it.


You should buy the best earthing sheets only from a trusted company.

  1. How Do Grounding And Earthing Sheets Work?

Your body directly in touch with earth if you use grounding or earthing products. With the help of grounding or earthing, your skin can touch the conductive surface. That is the short answer of how to do earthing sheets work.


From a research-based point of view, the concept of grounding is – the earth possesses a minimal negative charge. With time, our body builds up positive charges that can lead to health issues.


After we are grounded, the gathered positive charge will be invalidated, and thus our body will come back to a normal state. However, many people do not have any contact with the earth anymore. Also, scientists believe that it can lead to significant health issues in our modern world.


  1. Are The Best Earthing Sheets Risk-Free?

The best earthing sheets that are made high-quality are 100% risk-free. This device is made genuinely with your security in mind while manufacturing. It only has a earthing pin that you need to connect to the ground.


The negative electrons won’t injure your body. Using a earthing sheet is relatively safe. There’s nothing to worry about.


  1. Can We Put A Sheet Over A Grounding Mat?

It is not recommended to do that. Why? Your body needs to have direct and proper skin exposure to a earthing sheets or grounding sleeping mats. And, an earthing sheet needs to be put on the top of the bottom-contoured sheet.


  1. What Is The Lifespan Of Earthing Sheets?

You will find three main facts that hinder the lifespan of the best earthing sheets. You will observe a very little loss in the conductive system after using it for 2-3 years. It is because of laundry detergent that you use to clean it.


If you use fabric softener, it can also damage the power of your earthing sheets over time. So, it is always best to avoid fabric softeners. Moreover, scientists recommend avoiding abrasive detergents. You should use gentle soaps only.


The material used to create an earthing sheet or mat is very delicate. Remarkably, silver threads used to enable conduction are very soft.


It is always advised that you buy your grounding or earthing products from a trusted source. It will make sure that what you are buying is made of high-quality to last you for a long time.


Final Thoughts:

Now you know the top 10 facts about the best grounding or earthing sheets from the discussion above. These are very simple to use. You will get excellent benefits. There is no loss if you want to experiment with grounding.


The best earthing sheet is an affordable solution for all those experiencing disorders like insomnia, pain, or stress. To offer you the best earthing sheets or mats and other earthing or grounding-related products, you can trust RealYouEarthing.


 It is the ever-best source from where you can get earthing items. I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to share it with your online friends. Also, leave your comments in the box below to start a discussion.


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  • I have an earthing sheet and I love it. I used to wake up everyday with pain in my shoulders because I’m a side sleeper. I also recently fractured and sprained my foot and I believe it has helped along with icing. My husband who doesn’t sleep well anywhere. Who has bad night time habits like cell phones or eating late, is now blaming the sheet for making him too hot. He is too hot no matter where he sleeps. My question is, does the sheet make heat? I think he is allergic to good habits. By the way, he doesn’t snore anymore when he sleeps on the sheet.

  • Keep me updated thanks

  • Do you have to be naked in order for this to work or can you use clothes

    Deborah Bottlerill
  • Do you have to be naked in order to this work or can you use clothes

    Deborah Bottlerill

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