3 Common Types of Grounding and Earthing

Choose your own adventure when it comes to connecting with the Earth. Here are some popular approaches to take into consideration.

Outdoor savasana

When was the last time you laid on the ground? If the last time was in childhood, it’s time to get back to your roots.

Get that skin-to-earth connection by laying in a wide space like a picnic area at a park or in the sand at the beach. Or, next time you’re doing yoga, try going outside and including a little savasana on the earth rather than on your mat.


Earth walker

Walking barefoot is the easiest way to have a skin-to-earth connection and wake up your senses. Savor the feeling of soft grass tickling your feet. Find a patch of dry, sun-warmed dirt and enjoy the sensation.

If you’re near a beach, dig your toes in the sand. Keep in mind, If you aren’t used to walking barefoot, your feet may be tender. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for stray rocks (or bees, if you’ve had that unpleasant childhood experience).


Embrace your inner mermaid

If you’re more of a beach babe, this one’s for you. Swimming in oceans, lakes, or rivers (safe ones sans rapids, obviously) are perfect ways to ground yourself. Feel the cool water, soft sand, and even slimy rocks or smooth river stones to feel more connected to the Earth.


Equipment for rainy days

While snow or rain wouldn’t phase a die-hard hippie, most of us save our earth child urges for good weather.

When the ground is frozen or muddy, there are indoor alternatives to consider like grounding matssheets, blankets, body bands, and earthing pillowcase that are designed to allow you to ground from the cozy comfort of your couch or the convenience of your office.


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