The Benefits of Grounding

Remember being a little kid, running barefoot through the yard? You felt so free! But unfortunately, those experiences become few and far between as we grow up. As adults, we always wear shoes outside the house—our feet rarely touch the dirt. Modern life is designed to keep us from having direct contact with the earth.That’s where grounding comes in. Also called Grounding, grounding refers to making any kind of direct contact with the earth’s surface. This approach allows for reconnecting with the earth’s electrons, reaping a ton of healthy benefits.

What is Grounding ?

Realyou grounding is a practice whereby individuals are put in direct contact with the surface of the Earth. It includes walking barefoot outdoors, swimming in oceans and lakes, or sleeping, working and relaxing indoors with bare skin in contact with conductive grounding mats, grounding bed sheets, grounding pillows, grounding body bands and grounding socks in order to maintain the body at Earth’s electric potential.

Unlike past cultures, most people today, particularly in industrial societies, rarely are in contact with the surface of the Earth. They wear shoes with synthetic soles that insulate them from the Earth’s electric charge, and they no longer sleep on the ground. The Earth’s negative electric surface charge is a virtually limitless reservoir of free electrons that is constantly replenished by the global atmospheric electric circuit. The Grounding and Earthing hypothesis states that when direct skin contact is made with the Earth’s surface or with a grounded products indoors, the body’s electric potential equalizes with the Earth’s potential thereby maintaining the body’s access to the Earth’s negative surface charge (electrons). This contact with the Earth naturally prevents buildup of static electric charge on the body and allows the body to store a supply of electrons.

How do Grounding Sheets Work?

Grounding and Earthing put your body in direct and uninterrupted contact with the Earth. It means your skin needs to touch the soil, sand, water, or conductive surface connected with the ground. And that’s the shortest answer.

From a scientific perspective, the Grounding or Earthing concept is that the Earth has a mild negative charge. Over time, our bodies build up a positive charge believed to cause health problems.

When direct contact with Earth happens, this accumulated positive charge gets nullified, and our body returns to a neutral state. Many people don’t have this ‘earth contact’ anymore, and some scientists wonder if this is causative of rising health problems in today’s modern world.

Health Benefits Of Grounding & Earthing:

Published research indicates that Grounding and Earthing bring a broad range of  positive benefit within the physiology and the bioelectrical construct of the body. Multiple reported benefits include improved sleep, decreased pain, a normalizing effect on cortisol, reduction of stress, diminished damage to muscles caused by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), lessening of primary indicators of osteoporosis, and improved thyroid function, glucose regulation, immune response, and blood fluidity.

1. Grounding Helps You Sleep

Grounding helps normalize your circadian rhythm, it improves cortisol levels and helps your body adapt so you can sleep better. One study looked at participants who were grounded during their sleep cycle as well as their 24-hour cortisol profiles before and after earthing.  After grounding the cortisol profiles went from scattered to steady. If you start earthing you are going to see great improvements to your sleep patterns.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Antioxidants and Grounding can help reduce inflammation and pain! There have been studies that show that people who have done earthing report less pain than those who didn’t. They even saw a reduction of white blood cells which was a good sign that inflammation was diminished. It has even been documented through infrared imaging that Grounding can reduce inflammation.  Inflammation is the leading cause of pain. If we can reduce inflammation, then pain can be reduced.

3. More Antioxidant Power

Antioxidants reduce free radicals and one of the best ways to get massive amounts of antioxidants is through grounding and earthing. When your feet, or body, are absorbing electrons, those electrons have the same effect as the antioxidants that you eat to neutralize free radicals. This can diminish the damage of the cells through natural-aging or exposure to toxins. One of the awesome benefits of Grounding is it is the largest source of free antioxidants.

4. Lowers Stress

As soon as my feet feel the blades of grass between my toes I can feel the reduction of stress. Grounding and Earthing have been shown to take your body out of the fight or flight mode that so many of us are in because of modern day stresses. (5) Cortisol is an important hormone in your sleep cycle but it’s also a main stress hormone. By keeping cortisol levels where they should be it can help your body’s response to stress. It also helps keep your other hormones from draining which can happen if your cortisol levels are off.



Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include grounding and earthing: Review of research evidence and clinical observations


Grounding and Earthing Types and Products

There are two main ways to practice Grounding and Earthing: outdoors or indoors. Traditional outdoor Grounding and Earthing doesn’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere you can make contact with the earth, usually by barefoot. 

Indoor Grounding and Earthing products include:

  • Grounding mats: These mats claim to reduce EMF (electric and magnetic field) exposure and enable you to have a connection between your body and the earth indoors. They have a snap and are connected to earthing cables indoor. They can be an easy way to practice earthing while working at a desk, standing around the bathroom or kitchen, watching TV or talking on the phone.
  • Earthing sheets: Earthing sheets have a grounding wire designed to plug into the ground port of your wall outlet or grounded rod, which is meant to connect you to the earth while you sleep.
  • Grounding bands: These are adjustable bands that can be placed on the wrists and arms and larger ones on hand and wrist. Some people like to wear these while cooking, working or doing anything else around the house when they can’t be outdoors.
  • Earthing shoes: Most shoes today have rubber soles, but earthing shoes have natural leather soles. The idea is that the permeability of the leather allows a connection to the earth, which is blocked by standard soled shoes.
  • Grounding bed: A type of electrically-charged bed has been created that features silver wires that are connected to the electrical charge of the earth once plugged into an “grounding” port. These beds basically have conductive systems that transfer the earth’s electrons from the ground into the body. So even when we’re inside, sleeping in an “grounding bed” might be able to help us absorb the effects of the earth’s electricity and normalize our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. Laying or sleeping in the bed is almost like sleeping outside on the grass.

As you can see, there are many options for practicing grounding  and earthing indoors, but most experts agree there is nothing like practicing grounding and earthing outdoors in its traditional fashion. Grounding yourself outdoors rather than indoors also adds the major health benefits of nature you just can’t get while being inside.


Ongoing research shows that Grounding augments the physiology's infrastructure from the foundation up. As the burden of global disease and pain conditions grow increasingly larger, it is more necessary than ever to promote effective prevention and lifestyle practices. Such practices should include grounding. Grounding and Earthing mean a return to a forgotten and vital aspect of Nature – Earth's healing properties – that has great potential to both prevent and treat common disorders afflicting modern society.


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