What Materials are The Sleeping Mats Made Out Of?

Our non-toxic Realyou Earthing® mats are made from our patented conductive carbon leatherette. The leatherette is a composite of Polyurethane (PU) resin infused with conductive carbon pigment. It has a buttery soft feel akin to a vegan leather. It has been 3rd party tested to be free of lead, Azo dyes, and phthalates.

Polyurethane (PU): This material is what makes the Realyou Earthing® sleeping mats so durable while being environmentally-friendly, breathable, soft, and flexible. This leather look-alike is consumer-friendly and safe, unlike older PVC leathers which were full of plasticizers and heavy metal elements like lead. It is vinyl-free and phthalate-free.

Conductive Carbon Pigment: Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body (after oxygen) and is what conducts the earth's energy. It also makes the mat naturally flame-resistant without needing to add harsh chemicals.

FABRIC BACKING: The sleep mat has a soft fabric backing made from a cotton/polyester blend that is latex free.

MAT STRAPS: The mat straps do include a latex yarn to ensure a secure fit to your mattress.

OFF-GASSING: Prior to packaging, the mats undergo a thorough off-gassing procedure to ensure a peaceful, grounded rest right out of the box.

CLEANING: The sleep mat may be wiped down using soap and water on a damp cloth or sponge. Don't ever spray with household products like furniture polish which will make the mat lose its conductivity. Air dry the mat. Never put it in the dryer.


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