What Earthing can do for my Skin? | Anti-aging treatment

Today I’m here to discuss one of the most unknown benefits that being grounded brings to our body and general wellbeing. 

We’re all aware of the benefits of a proper diet and regular exercise, but it is important that we do not forget about the skin or rather what is underneath it.

Are you actually aware of what grounding does to your body and skin?


Scientific support

There has been many studies in the past 10 years leading to the benefits of earthing. This studies had been developed on concrete aspects like inflammation and sleep disorders and how staying grounded can drastically improve the symptoms of this and other chronic deseases.


Skin Clearness & Blood Flow

Many people had declared experiencing big changes in their skin aspect and elasticity, they showed that connecting to the ground for one hour produced a noticeable improvement in facial irrigation. This fact is associated with tissue repair and the best appearance of the skin improving also  brain and cardiovascular activity.

To determine if Earthing for one hour improves facial blood circulation, forty middle-aged volunteers were divided into a grounded group and a sham-grounded group according to a double-blind procedure. They were asked to sit in a comfortable recliner chair equipped with a grounding mat, pillow and patches. The grounding systems were either grounded or sham-grounded via a wire to the ground port of a power outlet. An infrared imaging camera was used to measure changes in blood flow and temperature. Thermal imaging showed clearly improved circulation of fluids (including blood) throughout the torso, which in turn, translates into enhanced delivery of blood to the head and improved blood circulation in the face as well. The results of this innovative study demonstrate that even one-hour contact with the Earth appears to promote significantly autonomic nervous system control of body fluids and peripheral blood flow that may improve blood circulation in the torso and face, facial tissue repair, skin health and vitality and optimize facial appearance (face anterior view p = 0.002; face lateral views p = 0.017; full anterior torso view p = 0.002). 

Click here to see full study


So, how do i get started? 

Walking barefoot is the best way to reconnect. Not only will you allow the negative charge of the earth to renew your health, it will also improve the shape and strength of your feet and reduce the impact. Studies carried out saw results from  connections of only 40 minutes but it is recommended to stay grounded for at least an hour day.

If walking barefoot does not fit your routine because you live in the city or you just don't  have time, don't  worry, there are many options that will allow you to hack the system and obtain the same benefits

One smart solution is to get a special indoor earthing product like a sleeping mat of bed sheet, which connected to a grounded wall plug on your house or office allows your body to receive the negative ground charge that it needs.
With this system the induced voltage of your body will approach zero (0 - 0.2 volts), restoring your natural balance and overall health. 



We were born to be in direct contact with the earth. Moving away from this origin is dysfunctional as dozens of scientific studies confirm. It is not necessary to return to the caverns. Nor do you walk barefoot for 24 hours. With one hour of daily “connection” is enough. If you can not make this connection naturally, or you object, implement technological solutions at home, you will get the same benefits as walking barefoot or laying on the beach.


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