Protecting the Aesthetician’s Assets Through Grounding

To an outsider, the skin care professional’s job hardly appears to put muscles and joints at risk. Yet, reality indicates that muscle and joint problems abound in this profession.

A 2009 survey of 100 experienced skin care professionals in Greece found “significant relationships” between physical risk factors such as “prolonged sitting, use of vibrating tools, reaching far and awkward body postures, and the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders at various body sites.” Neck pain led the way as the most common complaint – 58 percent – while hand, wrist, and lower back problems frequently resulted in chronic conditions, care seeking, and absenteeism.



Among skin care professionals themselves, conversations frequently revolve around protecting their hands, body, energy, and, career from the grind of daily repetitive work and burnout.
As a solution, professionals often hear that they should receive more education on mechanics; avoid sustained positions; cut back on facial massages; lessen the intensity of facial, shoulder, and neck massages; reduce the number of clients treated; take more breaks; use hot towel wraps for the hands; use a table warmer; alternate the hands, for 20 minutes at a time, in cold and hot water to reduce inflammation; perform hand stretches; wear hand braces while sleeping; get hand massages, chiropractic treatments, and/or acupuncture; take certain supplements; and use a meditation gong.
One new and surprising option that is currently creating a major buzz among skin care professionals is the natural, gentle, electric energy that pulsates throughout the surface of the Earth. Specifically, some professionals are grounding their tables with a conductive carbon pad that preserves energy and lessens or eliminates the inflammation and pain plaguing their hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, necks, and backs. Not only does the professional benefit from this pad, and rapidly, but the client does as well. When the client lies down, they become instantly grounded, as would happen from walking or lying on the ground, and inflammation is rapidly discharged. When the professional makes contact with the client, they are no longer becoming charged with the client’s inflammation. They, too, become grounded and discharge their own inflammation.



When barefoot contact with the ground is made, the body absorbs free electrons. These subatomic particles are present in a virtual infinite quantity throughout the surface of the Earth and give the ground its natural, subtle, negative charge. This energy explains why many people experience a subtle tingling or warmth in their legs when walking along wet sand at the beach or on wet grass. This feeling is the body being grounded with the Earth.
Multiple studies have been published showing that grounding the body actually generates major healing and health dividends, including the discharge of chronic inflammation – the cause of most pain – as well as improved blood flow, better sleep, and greater energy.
Modern lifestyles, however, such as wearing plastic-soled shoes, has left most people ungrounded: separated from the Earth’s natural charges.
Research also suggests that this disconnection may be an overlooked reason for the rampant inflammation found to be a cause of so many modern diseases and accelerated aging.

Linda Smith, owner of Solutions Salon in Tulsa, Okla. Recounts the positive effects of grounding that she has experienced: “I underwent rotator cuff surgery in January 2015 and major back surgery a year earlier. Although the back surgery went extremely well, I injured my back muscles again from too-rigorous exercise. I was forced to cut down to three clients per day, due to the pain, and had to take pain medications to even do that much. After starting to use the grounding pad, I didn’t think anything was happening, but soon realized I felt so much better at the end of the day. My clients are falling asleep on the table at the very start of the facials now. I also noticed that I was not taking the medications as prescribed because I was not hurting anywhere like before. Prior to these welcome changes, I was thinking that it might be time to retire.”

Stephanie Gombrelli, owner of Forever Beautiful Spa in Santa Barbara, Calif., states: “Eighty-five percent of my work is as an aesthetician, is doing mostly facials and eyelash extensions. As we all do in this profession, we bend over clients a lot and, in my case, it was causing neck strain. I would go for chiropractic treatment once a week for relief. I have had a grounding pad on my table for more than three months. The neck pain is gone. I just don’t get the aches and pains in my hands as before. I am not tired and my workdays seem more effortless. I am enjoying my work more and have more energy to enjoy myself after hours. The more grounding I do, the better I feel. In short, the issues I had before just don’t rise to the same level, stress me out, or take up my attention. My clients seem happier, there is less negative energy, and I feel less drained. Moreover, my clients are falling asleep on the table much more than they ever did before and they tell me that they had a great snooze. It is a real complement and sense of accomplishment for a therapist when clients fall asleep on the table. It means they are really comfortable.”



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