How do you Feel after Grounding and Earthing?

To feel grounded is something we have all felt without properly realising it – Rebecca Taylor explains more. Remember the last time you felt ‘at home’, ‘comforted’ or ‘settled’ and in tune with your body. That is what being earthed feels like. Feel grounded in scientific terms can basically mean two things:

1. Feeling connected with your body/ and or the earth
2. Being fully in the present

There are many reasons why feeling grounded is so important for us as well as there being quite a few ways we can tune into our body and the earth to feel more grounded, which I will share very shortly. But firstly, let’s talk about why being earthed is so beneficial for our mind and body. Feeling in tune means feeling every sensation in your body and mind whilst just letting it be. It means being in the moment and just experiencing the world as it is rather than through past memories or a filter. You are living your life with intent and purpose rather than just passively watching your life go by. You are owning your feelings, emotions and body by just being in the moment and giving yourself the opportunity to express yourself and blossom.

Being grounded will also help you to:

Quiet and clear your mind
Calm and balance your emotions
Recharge your energy

Grounding and Earthing exercises will not only help your mental and emotional well-being but also your physical performance. To feel grounded feels like the nicest thing on earth. As if you are floating between the clouds and you are free. You are in the present so much that you do not worry about sensation in your body and mind whilst just letting it be. Whilst being present, it is also the most calming feeling in the world.


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