Grounding and Pregency

Practicing Earthing has been known to benefit women throughout their pregnancy. In fact, those who practice Earthing are more likely to get pregnant to begin with. Women who practice Earthing on a regular basis have hormonal levels that seem to normalize. "[Grounding may have] great potential for the fertility industry" says Russell Whitten, a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, California. He's also had several cases in his own practice where his patients became pregnant after a month of beginning a lifestyle of Earthing. Some of these patients had not had babies for years and others were unable to get pregnant at all up to that point in their lives.

Grounding helps lower stress levels and balance hormones so the mother is less emotional during pregnancy. Earthing while pregnant gives you rejuvenating energy and a sense of emotional and physical stability. Women who are Grounded throughout their pregnancy tend to have more energy to work out and consequently end up having a faster and more efficient labour and delivery. Pregnant women who practice Earthing also sleep better and suffer less pain and inflammation. Some women, who when pregnant, usually sleep with a pillow between their hips, say they no longer have to do so to be comfortable when sleeping Grounded.

Most pregnant women who have discovered the power of Earthing, continue on with the Grounding lifestyle after they have had their baby. They can't imagine going back to sleeping or walking around not Grounded. So once baby is born, they say goodbye to postpartum depression and continue enjoying better sleep, less pain and more energy to help keep the focus on baby since they are feeling their best.

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