Get Grounded For Spring: Are You Conductive?

Spring is finally here, which means getting outside and dosing up on Vitamin N (Nature!) is easier than ever (goodbye, bulky layers). After a long winter, it feels AMAZING to reconnect with the powerful healing energies the Earth so readily gives us.When we're Grounded (also known as "Earthing"), our bodies align with the frequency of the Earth which is how the "magic" happens-but how can we be certain we're connected?

The key to Getting Grounded is achieving and maintaining ideal conductivity, and some things are much more conductive than others. There are certain things we encounter in our daily lives which are NOT conductive and prevent us from having the most beneficial Grounding experience .

Check out our Grounding Refresh List of the most-and least!-conductive materials below! If you're a seasoned "Grounder" and already know these like the bark of your favorite tree, feel free to skip and discover our latest Grounding product recommendation instead!

YES, these materials ARE CONDUCTIVE!


YES, these materials ARE CONDUCTIVE!


After 10 years in business, we've never recommended another product besides the Earth and Grounding accessories... but that's about to change thanks to our powerful personal experience with something called Molecular Hydrogen. We believe this product deserves to be promoted and can really help people, especially with Grounding...why?

Well, Molecular Hydrogen has a multiple range of benefits
and hundreds of peer reviewed studies on what it does but to keep things simple, we're going to share our own experience and some highlights on how this product can enhance your Grounding experience.

We think this is GREAT for Magnesium. Magnesium is critical for over 800 enzyme reactions in our bodies, but according to most research, 70% Americans are COMPLETELY Magnesium deficient. Our founder Step Sinatra openly discloses to being Magnesium deficient for a good part of his life and regularly gets his blood tested. Amazingly, when he began taking Molecular Hydrogen Tablets, his Magnesium levels began to improve.

On one level, we are electrical beings with a charge. When our bodies are balanced and sufficiently "loaded" with minerals, we're able to conduct more electrons, hence achieve an optimized Grounding experience. When we practice Grounding, we're actively "soaking up" the electrons from the Earth...this is why a higher mineral content in the body equals a more efficient and therapeutic Grounding experience.

NO, these materials AREN'T CONDUCTIVE!

  • Rubber (98% of all shoes these days, particularly those with rubber soles!)

  • Plastic

  • Synthetic Materials

  • Pavement

  • Wood

  • Sealer

  • Insulated Materials (foam, glass, porcelain work)

While Grounding outside in nature is ideal, many people work indoors and spend a lot of time at the computer. This is an issue we ourselves deal with, and personally believe that one of the best products to stay Grounded indoors is the Universal Mat. You can either sit in a chair with your bare feet touching the mat (as shown) or use it atop your desk so that your hands are touching it while you type!


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