Do Earthing & Grounding Products Really Work?

If I tried grounding ten plus years ago, I’m certain I would have felt nothing. I had little sensitivity to the movements and sensations in my body.

After practicing Qigong for numerous years, however, I have greater body awareness. When I connect my feet to the Earth, I can observe various sensations. I can also detect a slight vibration emanating from the earth when I’m centered.

I used pads and sheets for several months. With the exception of grounding shoes, I could detect very little, if any, effects from using them. Of course, this doesn’t mean earthing products don’t work.

Had I not already optimized my sleep for the pineal gland, perhaps I would have experienced the benefits of earthing sheets as many others report.

I had an extensive exchange with Martin Zucker, a co-author of Earthing. He also suggested that it’s likely because of my current state of health that I don’t feel the effects.

Also, I live in a wooded environment where all the electrical wiring is underground and there are no nearby cell towers. My Internet modem is shut off in the evening and there are no electronic devices in the bedroom.

All of this translates to super-low levels of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). As a consequence, something like earthing sheets isn’t necessary.

But when I’m working in front of my computer, I do use a Universal Grounding Pad under my keyboard as well as a copper grounding board that I built for my feet. I find that using these grounding and earthing tools help me stay calmer and focused when I’m working.


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