Conductivity And Grounding



These are two fantastic questions that we receive here at all the time. Yet, the answers to both are simple and complex.

First, we must recognize that we come from the earth, so our bodies are electrical. To maintain the electrical charge that we’re inherently born with - which offers us homeostasis and balance - we need to connect with the earth. Our primitive ancestors didn’t live in homes or high-rise apartments. They had straw huts, cottages, and dirt floors that kept them in contact with the ground almost 95% of the day.

Presently, we have become extremely insulated. From rubber shoes to homes and offices that are not connected to the earth, we can often go an entire day without touching the ground outside. Therefore, the act of grounding has become an exciting new science.

And it’s easy. Because we’re humans. We come from the Mother Earth, and we are designed to be connected to her. This is how we thrive and survive. It’s an energetic system that keeps us in harmony with all living things.

In the past five years, we’ve uncovered amazing science around how earthing and grounding affect the body. And when we are not grounded, how it disconnects us from the healing frequencies that we so desperately need every single day.

The earth carries a massive, electron-rich negative charge, which puts out the inflammatory situations that our bodies deal with in everyday life, and those that are heightened by aspects of our existence in modern society. Therefore, more than ever we need a higher negative ion flow to replenish the ions that get utilized to quench free radicals in our body.

So, let’s get back to the basics. When you connect to the ground you’re automatically in sync with Schumann resonances and frequencies; theorized to reside at the low peak of 7.83 Hz and then at increasing octaves. These frequencies act as an innate intelligence to our body, mind, and spirit. Without them, we may be subject to inharmonious diseases, emotional imbalance, or simply a lack of purpose and connection.

Luckily, our bodies act as conductors and allow us to receive these beneficial negative ions. In the industrial realm, the best conductors are either copper, silver, gold, aluminum, steel, and graphite. These materials are used to generate electricity and conduct the flow of electrons where they need to go. Since our bodies are flesh and not metal, we need a connection directly to the earth, or to let’s say, a metal rod that is connected to the earth.

Walking barefoot or being grounded can help ameliorate the constant assault of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) and radiation from Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, and many other sources. There is also evidence that grounding helps structure the water within your body which can lead to better hydration and simply an overall better feeling of health.


The simplest and easiest way is to place your bare feet right on grass that is moist. Water is beneficial to add conductivity and flow, hence why you never touch an electric socket when your hand is wet, and why a lightning storm with rain is extremely dangerous.

Another great way to ground that involves water is to touch the faucet on your sink if the materials are made of metal. As most of the piping in homes is copper or aluminum, and they’re also grounded, these will conduct the electron flow.

When you wake up in the morning, washing your face or doing dishes really does ground you. Same as taking a shower if your bathtub is made of one of these conductive materials and not plastic. The quickest hack, if you need to get grounded on the spot, is to go to the faucet in any building, touch it, hold your hand under the water, and you will get a grounding effect.

The other best way to ground is on the beach. Sand is a perfect conductor and when you walk the beach, you not only get the negative ions from walking barefoot, you also get them from the air, as the waves generate a mist which you inhale. That’s why the ocean makes you feel so fantastic.

Another superb way to ground is with bare soil or dirt, as it’s usually moist as well. That’s why gardening feels so wonderful and peaceful, as you’re touching the earth and getting that rich concentration of soil minerals that allow better harmonious electron flow. Touching brick, concrete, or stone or ceramic tiles are other decent forms of receiving the electron flow. These materials do conduct electron flow, but not as well as the previously mentioned ones.



Submerging yourself completely in nature by jumping into the ocean.

Salt water is a powerful conductor of electron flow, and not only are your feet connected to it but your whole entire body is saturated at that moment. How many times have you seen great-looking surfers, women, and men? Well, the reason they look so healthy and refreshed is quite simple. They’re receiving all the benefits of the earth at once. Grounding, water, sunlight, explosive physical activity, and a sense of joy and euphoria. Plus, the longer you’re connected to or touching the water at all, the flow of electrons is continuous, therefore the surfers that stay out for three to four hours are soaking up incredibly beneficial ions, compared to someone jumping in for a few minutes.


Look down at your feet and check your shoes. If the soles are rubber or aren’t made of leather, there’s close to a 100% chance that you are not grounded anytime while wearing these shoes, unless you’re touching water. If you walk barefoot on asphalt, wood, or tar you are not connected to the earth, unless the wood is wet. If you’re wearing modern shoes and not living on the ground floor, the chances of being connected are quite slim, other than through water.

Therefore, the earthing movement has accelerated significantly in the past decade to compensate for our modern lifestyles. Products like earthing sleeping matssheets, body band, and more have become quite exciting and significant. Especially as the ideal situation is to be grounded as many hours as you can per night. 

When you’re sleeping, if you’re not sleeping literally on the ground or using a grounding sleep system, then you will not be conducted. Sleep is the most beneficial time to ground because it helps with normalizing melatonin production that regulates your biological clock and is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory endocrine hormones available to mankind.

We must keep in mind that we are, at our core essence, beings of nature. And our connection to nature is as vital. Our existence depends upon it.


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