Amazing Results For Chronic Low Back Pain

What is the problem?

Chronic low back pain is a huge problem globally and is the number one cause of disability with some 540 million people affected at any one time, with some 5-10% of people with low back pain going on to develop chronic low back pain.  The problem is growing mainly due to our aging population.

What are the typical solutions for chronic low back pain?

There are some solutions available and all can play their part such as the biopsychosocial (having a positive health perspective), exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and manual therapies such as massage.  Whilst not really addressed by the pharmaceutical industry, anti-inflammatories, weak opioids and anti-depressants are often still prescribed.

Earthing for Chronic Low Back Pain

There are significant health benefits that can be gained from the transference of electrons from the earth to the human body.  We are primarily electrical beings after all.

These electrons neutralise free radicals that cause inflammation and pain, with one hypothesis being that the electrons entering the body saturate the mitochondria and increase the availability of adenosine triphosphate that energises cells involved in tissue repair.

The trouble is though, bio energy and Earthing isn’t favoured in the medical schools because it’s not something you can “see”.  You can’t cut it apart and look at it under a microscope…..and so we think more research is needed. 

We decided to team up with Bodywise Massage for our research project as we know the Jing techniques reduces chronic pain, but what if there was something simple and cost-effective that every person could benefit from, and alongside massage to “super-power” pain reduction? ……..this is where EARTHING makes its play!

Say What?

Informed touch + electrons from the earth = a powerful healing combination

…..but how can we prove it?

We undertook A double-blind randomised trial to assess the efficacy of Jing Advanced Clinical Massage and earthing as interventions in the treatment of chronic low back pain with some fantastic results!

The participants were split into two groups with one group receiving a working earthing sleep mat, and the second group receiving a ‘sham’ earthing sleep mat.  Both groups received a combination of hands-on massage and online self care massage over a 6 week period and we asked to sleep directly on the earthing sleep mat for the duration of the trial.

Pain Reduction – earthed group 38% reduction, un-earthed 17% reduction

However there is more to it than just pain reduction as we know that the “issue is not always in the tissues”.

On top of the pain reduction, anxiety also decreased with the earthed group’s anxiety doing down by 20% whilst the un-earthed were down by 13%.

Depression was down by an impressive 32% in the earthed group and down 18% in the un-earthed group.

The price of earthing products such as the grounding mat, earthing bed covers and others is a low-cost but delivers great healing potential, especially in conjunction with hands-on massage and we believe is something that should be widely used within the health sector, particularly as there are multiple health benefits to earthing.

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