What is Earthing (Grounding)?

What is Grounding & Earthing?

Science has long known that the surface of the Earth contains a natural electric charge, felt by some people as a pleasant tingling when walking on wet grass in the morning or along the wet sand at the beach.

New research has produced convincing evidence that direct contact with the Earth’s electrons (the source of negative electric charge in nature) stabilizes and rejuvenates the body by recharging and thinning our blood, enhancing immune function, and powerfully and dramatically reducing inflammation, pain, and stress. The degree to which the body shifts into a healing state is substantial, and of great medical significance.

In today’s society, most people have lost contact with the Earth and its healing power.  We wear shoes with synthetic soles that block the Earth’s energy, and we live and work elevated from the ground.  Our disconnection with the Earth is an ignored reason for the current epidemic of chronic inflammation, pain, and disease.

A powerful remedy, the research shows, is Grounding (also known as earthing), that reconnects humans to the Earth: by being barefoot outside, or, more practically, using conductive grounding mats, bands, and sheets while you sleep and sit indoors.

Grounding and Earthing are a simple lifestyle addition involving no effort.  It can be life-changing, and the change felt within minutes.  To offer you the best earthing sheets or mats and other earthing or grounding-related products, you can trust RealYouEarthing.

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