What Is A Grounding Sheet?

Us humans evolved sleeping grounded, on a bed of leaves or in a rock cave.  We had a constant flow of electrons which supported our electrical system, working as antioxidants reducing inflammation & promoting healing whilst we slept, and then we walked barefoot during the day as hunter gatherers.  We were grounded to the max!

Today, we have a very different lifestyle but it is still possible to be grounded and bring the earth “inside” whilst we sleep.  That way, whilst we are tucked up under our duvet, we can supercharge our sleep whilst our body heals and regenerates in the background.  You will sleep better, feel better and be better.

This is where a grounding sheet comes in…….

The very first grounding sheet created by Clint Ober was a very crude patchwork of metallic duct tape applied to a normal bedsheet.  The duct tape was then connected to an alligator clip with a copper wire to a grounding rod in the earth outside.  The end result was the best night’s sleep for Clint and he’s never looked back!

Since this early discovery the grounding sheet has evolved and enabled people all over the globe to be grounded at night.  Grounding sheets today can be made from a normal cotton fabric that have silver threads embedded throughout in vertical and horizontal lines (sliver being a great conductor for electrons).  The grounding sheet then connects to the copper wire and the earth pin in the electrical wall socket and is therefore connected to the earth – when you sleep on the grounding sheet on your bed mattress, your direct skin contact with the silver threads enables the electrons to flow through your body.

Whilst this style of grounding sheet works well initially, there have been longevity issues.  The simple fact is that over time, your body’s natural moisture and sweat throughout the night oxidises the silver thread.  This means that depending on where this oxidisation occurs in the grounding sheet, it could prevent electrons from passing through it.  There’s no easy way to tell unless you have a grounding tester handy!

Damage from washing machines and detergents would also impact the conductivity of the silver threads.

The good news is that things have evolved and today’s grounding sheets (or sleep mats) are more durable and will last a lifetime of sleeps!  Today’s grounding sheets are infused with a conductive carbon pigment which enables the electrons to flow through it as carbon is a great conductor!  Not only is it vinyl-free and phthalate-free but it also has a soft, buttery feel to it.  It’s more durable, robust, easy to clean and feels great to sleep on.

We would always recommend direct skin contac. However, they are designed to 100% ground you when placed under your bedsheet as well, as your body’s natural moisture and perspiration throughout the night will ensure good conductivity.

Being grounded at night means you get good sleep!

Sleep is so important to our human physiology.  Most people think it just reduces tiredness however when you are asleep your body doesn’t stop working.  It is in those quiet hours that it can diligently go to work, heal, and repair from the day’s activities.

Furthermore, sufficient sleep keeps your immune system strong and lowers stress, and if you don’t get enough sleep……..well, that can make you prone to sickness feeling tired and with little energy to carry you through your tasks!!

During sleep there are a number of important processes that take place.

Cells regenerate themselves, antibodies get produced, cytotoxicity of immune cells increases, toxins get cleared out, autophagy gets going, melatonin mediates antioxidant activity, NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) gets recycled & recharged. NAD catalyses chemical reactions required to both generate energy and build and repair the molecules that make up our bodies.

….and there’s more…   growth hormone gets secreted, fat burning occurs, muscles grow, stress levels lower.

Ok, so that’s great to hear but what is the optimal amount of sleep?

Research shows that inadequate sleep increases the risk of many diseases and that the optimal amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours a night, which will reflect in your mental and physical well-being.  Sleep quality is so important to us all.

Good sleep: Improves longevity, regulates hormones, improves insulin sensitivity, controls inflammation, improves immunity, regulates autophagy, slows biological aging, repairs DNA, assists detoxification, calms the nervous system, conserves and redirects energy for critical repair.

All in all, if you can be grounded as you sleep it’s a win-win for you.  If you add a grounding sheet into your health routine, think if all those physiological processes that occur whilst you are dreaming, and then relax knowing that you are giving your body the best chance to heal and repair each night…..so you can be the best version of you each day and wake with that spring (and electrons) in your step!


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