Top 10 Best Times & Places to Ground

In a modern world, this can be easer said than done but there are some occasions where Grounding is even more important to help us “recharge our batteries” than others.


1. While you’re using your cellphone.

While “mainstream” research on EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) is still somewhat lacking, there has been clinical evidence to suggest that EMF exposure can lead to disharmony in the body, particularly within the nervous system.

Remember to utilize your phone’s speaker setting while you’re on a call as much as possible, and keep it as far away from your head as you can.

Remember to utilize your phone’s speaker setting while you’re on a call as much as possible, and keep it as far away from your head as you can.

2. After a flight.

How great does it feel to get your feet back on the ground after you disembark a flight? Go beyond the metaphor and kick off those shoes to recalibrate and reset your circadian rhythm and bio-field. 

Bare Feet with Flower Petals Soaking in Bath Tub

3. In the bath-tub.

Relaxing in the tub is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but with yet another upside - you are nearly always Grounded! For maximum benefit, hold onto the faucet directly for 1-2 minutes. As if we needed another reason to lather up!?

4. After being in a crowd.

Ever get hit with that “post crowd burn-out” after being around a ton of people? Every person has their own frequency and emotional energetic field (good or bad!), not to mention the hundreds - sometimes thousands! - of smartphones broadcasting in close proximity. The best way to re-harmonize? Connecting to the Ground, which instantaneously recalibrates our nervous systems and personal bio-fields. 

5. After a long car ride.

Hitting the open road can be stifling after a few hours in the car. Touch the Earth with your hands or a faucet at a rest stop to reconnect. You will discharge static electricity (and any stress - road rage, anyone?!) so your nervous system can harmonize.

Person driving on open road hands on the steering wheel in car

6. Whenever you’re near the beach or sea!

The beach is one of the BEST places to practice Earthing due to the high concentration of negative ions…don’t miss an awesome opportunity to recharge!

Lightning Strike in Stormy Dark Sky

7. After a storm.

That’s right - lightning strikes actually help “charge” the Earth, so when you Ground after a storm, you’ll absorb a plethora of negatively charged ions. 

8. With your daily practice.

Grounding amplifies any type of mediation or movement practice including yoga, Qi-gong or dance. 

Stressed out woman pulling blonde hair

9. After a stressful situation.

She’s called “Mother Earth” for a reason! Let the Earth’s calming frequency of 7.83 Hz soothe your mind and body into a relaxed alpha state. 

10. After an MRI or hospital stay.

Grounding after an MRI or time in the hospital is especially important for many of the reasons above - help your body recalibrate after heavy magnetic field exposure, or physical/emotional stress.


11. When you get married!

Yes, there’s one more - but this one was too important to leave out! Solidify your sacred connection with the Earth and your partner when you say “I do!” Yet another reason to consider getting married on the beach, while Grounding of course!



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