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Modern living has the unfortunate tendency to separate us from the natural world. Most of us spend a lot more time indoors than out. We drive instead of walk. And many of us put in long hours hunched over our desks, typing and staring at a screen.

These sedentary habits can take a toll on our bodies, manifesting themselves in the form of muscle tension, migraine, inflammation, insomnia, circulation problems, back pain, and more. One particular condition we associate with this lifestyle is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS.) When we become too dependent on technology and lose our connection with nature, health and wellness can become compromised.

diagram of carpal tunnel

Science is beginning to recognize that earthing or grounding techniques are helpful in alleviating these conditions. Ongoing research shows that we are charged, stabilized and even healed by increased physical contact with the Earth. This is how it works:

The human body functions via electric signals our brain sends to our muscles, organs, and limbs. Similarly, the Earth has a natural electromagnetic field with an endless and renewable supply of electrons. When we conduct the Earth’s electrons into our body by direct contact (ie.,walking barefoot, swimming, and sleeping or sitting on the ground), harmful oxidants in our body’s cells become neutralized. This promotes healthy physical changes such as improved immunity, decreased inflammation, and faster healing.

The business of our lives and careers does not always allow us unlimited barefoot time outdoors to connect with nature. Fortunately, however, as the buzz on earthing continues to grow, so do the products available to help you experience grounding indoors at your convenience, and enjoy the healing benefits. (Visit https://realyouearthing.com/collections/all-earthing-products  to view more products — everything from mats to sheets.)

The Mouse Pad for earthing grounds you while you work, easing muscle tension and relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, instead of intensifying it.
This 9.8” x 11.8” mouse pad connects by cord to the grounded portion of an electrical outlet, channeling the naturally grounded charge directly to the pad. The pad itself is a blend of nylon and silver fibre which maximizes conductivity while also providing protection from EMF exposure.

Users have reported noticeable relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when using the Mouse Pad for earthing, noting that the days they don’t use it, or are away from their desk, inflammation returns.

“I started using my grounding/earthing mousepad about a year ago. I've noticed huge improvements in the carpal tunnel symptoms I was suffering from, to the point where if I take a week off of work, I look forward to getting back to my desk for relief from it.” - Jane, September, 2023

For grounding benefits and relief of CTS while using a laptop, simply place the mouse pad in front of the laptop’s track pad and rest your wrist on it.

For more details or to order online, please visit the link below:

When life and work make it hard to take a break, a Mouse Pad for earthing helps you heal on the job, bringing you comfort and relief without having to miss a beat.


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