Earthing and Grounding for Losing Weight

Weight loss is not always as simple as eating less and exercising more. There are a number of factors which can stand in the way and make shedding those excess pounds more difficult, one of these is poor sleep.

Sleep More, Weigh Less

Getting a good night’s sleep plays an important role in successful weight loss. When you sleep, your body regulates the levels of the two hormones involved in appetite control. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for making you feel hungry, and leptin lets you know that you are full.

When you lose out on your sleep, ghrelin levels rise while leptin levels fall. This results in increased hunger the following day and can lead to giving in to the temptation of overeating or binging on unhealthy snacks.

A large, nationwide study carried out in the UK found that people who slept for longer had a better metabolic profile than those who slept less. Specifically, longer sleep was associated with lower body mass index and waist circumference, and higher levels of HDL – the “good cholesterol”. Better sleep was also shown to decrease levels of CRP, a blood marker which indicates chronic inflammation. It also had a positive effect on thyroid hormone levels.

For most adults, around eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. You can improve your sleep by spending some time in the daylight during the day and dimming the lights at night. Keep a regular bedtime and avoid looking at your phone or computer screens just before bed.

Health Risks of Too Little Sleep

As well as preventing weight loss, lack of sleep can increase your chances of developing other serious diseases. Being overweight, especially having more fat around your abdomen puts you at a higher risk of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is defined as central obesity plus two or more of the following factors:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood glucose
  • High blood triglycerides
  • Low HDL cholesterol

This can lead to insulin resistance and type II diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. It has also been suggested that lack of sleep interferes with thyroid hormones, contributes to chronic inflammation and lowers immunity.

Not getting enough sleep also results in daytime drowsiness. This increases the risk of accidents and in the long term can lead to poor memory, inability to concentrate, anxiety and depression.

Earthing for Sleep

Earthing and Grounding are a safe and natural way to improve your sleep, and may help with weight loss indirectly. The earth holds a subtle, negative electrical charge due to a high concentration of free electrons. These are formed by constant lightning strikes across its surface.

When you bring your body into direct contact with the earth, these free electrons have an antioxidant effect. They protect against harmful free radicals and have a wide range of beneficial effects including better sleep, reduced stress, improved energy and reduced pain.

You can experience the benefits of grounding and earthing simply by walking outdoors with bare feet, but to really make the most of grounding, an indoor earthing product can be used. Earthing sleep systems bring you into conductive contact with the earth as you lie in your bed overnight. This can help you to fall asleep more quickly and wake fewer times during the night.

This 2004 study showed that earthing and grounding overnight improved sleep, increased daytime energy levels, decreased emotional stress and relieved pain. It also normalized levels of another hormone – cortisol.

Cortisol and Weight Loss

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands which has many vital functions within the body. There is a strong link between stress and cortisol. It is one of the hormones involved in the “fight or flight” response. It also plays a part in controlling inflammation, maintaining fluid levels, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Because of its role in regulating blood sugar, cortisol is an important piece in the weight loss puzzle. When we are under stress, our cortisol levels rise. This causes energy, in the form of glucose, to be released into the blood stream. It also blocks the action of insulin, further raising blood sugar levels.

This prepares you to take quick action in the face of danger. However, if this energy is not used up, it is stored as fat. This can result in further hormonal imbalances, weight gain, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Being under long-term stress increases cortisol levels and contributes to weight gain. Grounding is one way in which you can reduce stress, keep your cortisol levels in check and lose weight naturally.

How to Get Started with Earthing

Getting started with grounding is easy! All you need to do is go outside, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth. Within a few seconds, you will begin to feel changes in your body as your muscles relax and your nervous system is calmed.

To experience the benefits of earthing and grounding on a daily basis, you can use an indoor earthing product which will allow you to enjoy earthing in the comfort of your own home. Earthing sleep systems are the perfect solution to earthing overnight to improve sleep and aid weight loss.


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