Is Grounding Beneficial for people with PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects many individuals after experiencing shocking, scary, or dangerous events, such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, major accidents, sexual assaults, and a sudden, unexpected death of a loved one.

Treatment for PTSD involves psychotherapy and medication. We believe that grounding and earthing offer a foundational strategy that could make conventional treatments work better by improving physical and mental health on a systemic basis.

Grounding or Earthing, whether being outdoors barefoot or indoors connected to an Earthing product, has a natural defusing effect on stress. It reduces inflammation and related chronic pain. It improves blood flow, improves sleep, energy, and mood.

Grounding reduces inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a causative factor of pain and a causative or aggravating factor of virtually all chronic and aging-related diseases.  The primary Earthing hypothesis is that connecting the body to the Earth enables free electrons from the Earth’s surface to spread throughout the body, where they exert powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The influence on auto-immune and pain-related conditions, as well as healing from wounds and injury, is significant.

“For patients with depression, Earthing can assist with stabilizing serotonin and this assists with decreasing crying spells, near-tearfulness, and obsessive/repetitive negative thoughts. When depressive symptoms decrease, energy levels improve and tolerance to stressful situations, pain, or discomfort improves.”
When you add up the potential benefits for individuals with PTSD, it is clear that grounding is a practical, natural, and effortless strategy that may contribute significantly to quality of life. If you know somebody with PTSD, tell them to check out grounding. It requires no appointment, no medicine, no special routine. Just reconnecting to the Earth.

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