Why It’s Important to Stay Connected!

Check your connections routinely, and for sure, if you feel an onset of previous symptoms.

Here are some examples:

• From  Rhonda West-Hickman, an Atlanta woman with fibromyalgia: “My fibromyalgia pain gets bad when it rains but it is much better since I started grounding 24/7. Recently, I was cleaning and didn’t notice that the vacuum had caused the Earthing cord from my sleep grounding mat to come out of the outlet where it was plugged into. It’s been raining here for days and I started to get sick. So bad that I almost went to the ER.  And my sleep became disturbed. The pain was very bad. Appetite disappeared.  My symptoms had come back with a vengeance.  After five days I discovered the disconnected cord, and quickly reconnected it. After two days reconnected, I feel almost normal again. Even with more rain coming down.”

•  Terry Pocklington, a Northern California businessman, contacted us in 2012 to report a significant improvement in his circulation after six months of Earthing for about 30-45 minutes daily. Two years before, he started dealing with poor circulation and loss of feeling in his feet. He often experienced stiffness and even a difficulty walking at times.  Sometimes, he said, he had to force himself out of bed for his morning walk.  He first went on an antioxidant supplement program, experienced some improvement, and then started Earthing, with even more dramatic improvement.  He was now seeing a healthy rosy coloration in his feet.

“When Earthing, the bottom of my feet and mostly the ball of my feet have a sensation of warmth as if something different is occurring. It’s as if there is a current flowing,” he said. “The feeling in my feet has definitely improved.”

Then Terry stopped Earthing.  For eight months. Just got out of the habit, he said.  Despite an active routine of exercise, he began noticing his energy was lagging.  On some days he could only walk. When Earthing, he had been jogging up to 2 miles a day 5-6 days a week.

Then he remembered Earthing.  Soon, he was able to get back to jogging with renewed energy. The feeling of warmth in his soles also returned.

He contacted us and said that Earthing created “positive results to my health, followed by negative results because of discontinuation, and then positive results again when I resumed. I now know that this needs to be part of my daily wellness practice.”

•  In 2011, we heard the following account from Clover Calvet, a retired businesswoman and teacher who lives in Fairfield, Iowa. She had been Earthing for two years and was experiencing consistently deeper and more restful sleep, along with more energy, and a dramatic reduction in gum inflammation.  Then she contacted us with this observation: “For two weeks after the departure of a house guest, I was suddenly feeling miserable with a lot of fatigue. My gums started to be sore and I didn’t sleep well at all. At first I thought it was a result of too much activity while playing host to my guest, but I finally discovered that I had forgot to plug in my Earthing sheet. Now all is well again. Sleep and energy restored!  Gums no longer sore again.”

• Fabio Luiz Vieira, MD, a Brazilian general practitioner, told us in 2012 that he had been experiencing more energy and less fatigue after sleeping                    grounded.  He was sleeping much better.  On a brief trip to Rio de Janeiro, he took his sheet with him.  “The first night I had a very good night of sleep but the second one was terrible, superficial, and filled with nightmares,” he said. “I wondered what was happening because until then I had been sleeping very well when grounded. In the morning when I was organizing my things to go back home, I realized that the chambermaid had disconnected the sheet wire after the first night!”

•  A wellness blogger reported this in her 2012 article on Earthing:  “I had been sleeping great for about a month and falling asleep easily until one night when I was tossing and turning and couldn’t fall asleep for a couple of hours. The next morning, I realized that the Earthing mat had come unplugged!”

• Anita Moran, of Biddleford, Maine, reported in 2011 that since sleeping grounding she experienced major relief from arthritic pain in her right foot, something she had unsuccessfully tried to resolve for more than a decade. Two years later, she said the pain has not gone away completely, but what she has noticed is that “if I don’t ground myself, it’s worse.  I went away for a weekend and forgot the mat and found my foot to be more painful and inflamed and it took a few nights to get back to where I was.”

•  Donna Tisdale, a Nashville real estate broker, has been sleeping grounded since 2008.  She shared this story with us in 2015:  “I have been plagued with miserable seasonal allergies for many years.  The months of May and September were always challenging for me.  The problem stopped when I started sleeping on an Earthing sheet. For five years I sailed through Mays and Septembers without having to take any medication.  Then, in May 2012, I suddenly started sneezing again like crazy.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I tested my sheet and it was no longer conductive.  After two nights on the new sheet, I stopped sneezing immediately.  It was the most amazing thing!”

• From Ann Francis, an Earthing enthusiast in Nebraska, comes this reminder to be aware of the potential for pets to tear up Earthing cords.  She passed on this note from a gentleman who she had turned on to Earthing: “When I started sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet, I became hooked.  About a month ago, though, I began to feel lousy and couldn’t get to sleep.  I checked the Earthing sheet connection, and found that my son’s cat had chewed it apart.  After getting a replacement cord, I am once again sleeping like a baby.”

•  And from Valerie Ann Wells of Tacoma comes this experience:  “For years, I have been suffering with pain and sleep issues believed to be fibromyalgia-related.  I started Earthing in 2013 and experienced significant relief.  Then, in early 2015, the pains in my feet and joints suddenly returned, and I had trouble sleeping again.  I checked my connections, and voila!  I discovered that the gardener had pulled up the ground rod.  No wonder I was hurting again. I stuck the rod back in the ground again and, like magic, the pain went away and I was back to sleeping better.”

The bottom line:  Whether you connect to the Earth barefooted outside or inside via a conductive product, MAKE SURE YOU STAY CONNECTED!  If you suddenly feel old symptoms returning or you aren’t sleeping well, check your Earthing cords and products.


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