Earthing and Grounding Equalize Us with the Electric Potential of the Earth

Our cells are dependent on precise electrical gradients across cell membranes.  Our nervous system uses electrical signals to control every aspect of our bodies.  Muscle contraction, including our heartbeat, is caused by rhythmic electrical impulses.  This delicate balance and flow of electricity in our bodies is disrupted by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment. Electrical appliances, power lines, cell phones, and radio waves all emit EMFs that alter cell function, especially brain and heart cells, causing poor sleep, depression, anxiety, and oxidative damage to our cells and DNA. Many studies have shown there are profound benefits of earthing and grounding; connecting to the earth directly or with an earthing mat.

When connected to the earth, we reap the benefits of earthing, as our bodies equalize with the electric potential of the earth.  Our body voltage becomes near zero and it becomes stable, unchanging with fluctuating electric fields around us . Nobel prize winner Richard Feyman termed this the “umbrella effect”.


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