Earthing and So-called “Dirty Electricity”

We frequently receive inquiries regarding “dirty electricity.”  

Usually, the questions are variations on the following theme that someone has read on the Internet:

If you ground yourself indoors by connecting to a wall outlet, “dirty electricity” comes through the ground cord, the grounding product you are using, and through your body, and is dangerous. 

The statement is baseless!!

“Dirty electricity” refers to high peak frequencies generated in electrical wiring, namely short spikes of power caused by various electrical devices and appliances, such as dimmer switches, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. 

Far from being dangerous in the presence of such spikes, grounding prevents those spikes from entering your body as was demonstrated in a well-designed study published by a Polish neurosurgeon and cardiologist.

Further, Earthing products made by Clint Ober have grounding cords containing a built-in 100K Ohm resistor that would prevent and stop any potentially harmful current flow.

Grounding restores, rejuvenates, and re-energizes the body’s trillions of cells. It significantly reduces inflammation, associated with most common diseases.  There is no published evidence indicating that so-called “dirty electricity” penetrates a grounded body, but, as already mentioned, there is published evidence indicating that it does not penetrate the body.   Problems could happen only if your home grounding system is not working properly (in which case we recommend you consult an electrician) or if you are electro-hypersenstive.

If you have any further concerns, please refer to this article for more information on the safety of Earthing products.


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