Chiropractor: “Patients’ Pain Lessens So Much Quicker”

Vincent Caruso, Jr. D.C., chiropractic and Chinese medicine, Fairfield New Jersey (2020): “In the two years that I have been Grounding, I have seen very significant results. Both within my family and among my patients.

“Better sleep is pretty much a given. People who have a grounding mat in their bed or use some other grounding and earthing product at night hit the bed and they sleep soundly through the night. One woman told me that when her grandkids come over they sleep with her. She’s grounded in her bed. They tell her that they feel so much better. That’s amazing to hear from a young kid.

“My own teenage son sleeps with an Grounding band and also uses one when he plays video games. He tells his friends that it keeps him healthy and that they should get one.

“I told my mother to try it. She has complained about waking up at night. I gave her an Earthing mat and she sleeps like a baby now. “Amazing,” she says. She feels more energized.

“Then there’s the benefit of rapid healing, which is huge. Whether it is low back pain or knee pain, or any chronic pain issue, there is always a change, a difference. Less pain. It works. I see results of pain relief even in a few minutes of Earthing in my office. It is best, however, if people ground themselves at home, at night when they are sleeping, and even during the day if they can. If they don’t want to spend any money on an Grounding or Earthing product, I tell them to go out in their backyard, weather permitting, and ground themselves there.

“One case involved a woman, the sister of a patient, who fell and suffered contusions and bruising on the side of her face. She used an Grounding band and patches, and in about three days there was only a trace of black and blue marks on her face.

“Grounding and Earthing fit in neatly with my chiropractic treatments. They work at a deeper level. The pain lessens so much quicker. I may use one or two Earthing patches on a patient, on the topside of the foot (liver point 2), and/or on the sole (kidney point 1). I leave a patch on for up to 10 minutes. This strategy promotes significant relaxation. And relaxing allows for greater energy flow in the body. I can feel the difference in my hands as I treat the patient. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the patient is looser and responds quicker. There is less tenderness in acupuncture points when I apply acupressure. The adjustment easier. The treatment is more effective.

“There’s another aspect to this as well. Grounding and Earthing enable people in a very direct way to understand that they are connected to a higher source, to Nature, and they can heal better as a result of this connection.”

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